Auto Clicker: Download the Latest Version 2024

An auto clicker is a small computer utility that lets you automate mouse clicks and cursor movements. Once activated, it will rapidly click your left, right or middle mouse button.

Many auto clickers allow you to set the clicking speed and choose exactly where on the screen it will click.Auto clickers are commonly used by gamers to gain an advantage by rapidly clicking on objects faster than would be humanly possible.

Auto Clicker: Download the Latest Version 2024

For example, in Cookie Clicker games you could use an auto clicker to harvest cookies at super high rates. They can also be used in idle games, cookie collecting games, and grinding games.

However, auto clickers have many useful real-world applications too, like:

  • Automating repetitive computer tasks like form filling or clicking through web pages
  • Testing button functionality on websites and software
  • Macroing sequences of clicks for routine tasks
  • Programming user interfaces and testing accessibility

In most competitive multiplayer games, using auto clicker software is considered cheating. But for single player games or simple browser games, auto clickers can be a fun way to automate and accelerate your progress.

How to Use an Auto Clicker

Using an auto clicker program is very straightforward. Just follow these basic steps:

  1. Download and install an auto clicker program on your PC (more on choosing a good one later)
  2. Launch the auto clicker software. Most will appear as a small icon in your system tray.
  3. Click the auto clicker icon to open the settings and customize click speed, click location, etc.
  4. Move your cursor to the desired location on screen (usually the object you want to repeatedly click)
  5. Toggle on the auto clicker and watch it start automatically clicking your mouse
  6. Toggle off the auto clicker to stop the automated clicking

Within the settings, you’ll usually have several customization options like:

  • Click speed – How many clicks per second you want
  • Click type – Left, right or middle mouse button
  • Click style – Single click or double click
  • Click position – The exact location on screen to click
  • Hotkeys – Keyboard shortcuts to toggle clicking on/off

Make sure to start with a slower click speed and test the functionality before ramping up the clicks per second. Many auto clickers have customizable click limitations so your clicks don’t exceed human limitations.

Using an auto clicker that is set to click hundreds of times per second may trigger anti-cheat software.

Is Using an Auto Clicker Cheating?

Whether using an auto clicker constitutes cheating depends entirely on the context. In most competitive multiplayer games, any type of automation assistance would be viewed as cheating and could get your account banned.

However, there are plenty of scenarios where auto clickers are acceptable and even encouraged.

Here are some examples of when it’s OK to use an auto clicker:

  • Single player games like idle games or browser games
  • Testing software interfaces, buttons and accessibility
  • Automating tedious computer tasks and mouse click sequences
  • Boosting your progress in casual and non-competitive gameplay

As long as you’re being honest, disclosing auto clicker usage, and not gaining an unfair advantage in competitive settings, they can be useful tools. Just exercise common sense and courtesy towards other players.

The Best Auto Clicker Software

There are dozens of free and paid auto clicker utilities available. Here are some of the best auto clicker programs to check out:

GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a lightweight, portable auto clicker with a slick user interface. It has all the standard auto click features you’d expect like:

  • Click customization – location, speed, button, single/double clicks
  • Replay click sequences to automate complex patterns
  • Fine tuning options for advanced users
  • Import / export of click scripts and settings
  • Click limitations to prevent abuse and bans

It also has basic auto scroll and auto typing functionality. The clean interface makes it easy for anyone to use. Free and premium versions are available.

FastClicker Automatic Mouse Clicker

FastClicker is very similar to GS Auto Clicker in terms of appearance and functionality. It has all the customizable click settings you need and can automatically scroll as well.

What makes FastClicker stand out is its convenient portability. You don’t need to install it – the program runs completely from removable storage like a USB flash drive. The interface is also multi-language.

FastClicker’s free version is ad-supported, but the ads are unobtrusive. An affordable premium license removes ads and adds some additional features.

Free Auto Clicker

Free Auto Clicker is exactly what the name suggests – an auto clicking software that is completely cost-free. It has a barebones feature set centered around click automation:

  • Customize basic click settings like location, speed, and button
  • Activate with simple hotkey shortcuts
  • Portable – no installation needed, just run the .exe

The no-frills interface is very easy to use but lacks advanced options. Still, Free Auto Clicker provides the essential auto clicking controls without any bloat.

XMouse Button Control

If you want total control over mouse input, check out XMouseButtonControl. This configurable utility lets you customize clicks, mouse wheels, key bindings and more:

  • Customize left, right, middle click behavior
  • Set scroll speeds for up/down wheel
  • Map keyboard keys to mouse button clicks
  • Automate complex sequences of inputs
  • Portable and lightweight

XMouseButtonControl can be used for auto clicking functions as well as creating custom keybindings and shortcuts for improved productivity. While the dense interface takes a while to learn, power users will appreciate the flexibility. Free and paid versions available.

Auto Clicker by Shocker

Another top free auto clicker is Shocker Auto Clicker. It features a very sleek, minimal interface with all the expected click customization settings:

  • Adjust coordinates, mouse button, click style
  • Set click intervals/speed from 1-1000 clicks per second
  • Save and load customized click scripts
  • Simple hotkeys for play/pause/stop functionality

Shocker Auto Clicker also has a handy click timer, so you can limit auto clicking to specified durations. A straightforward and user-friendly auto clicking solution.

Click Assistant

Last but not least is Click Assistant. This premium auto clicker application has a steeper learning curve but offers extensive feature control, including:

  • All common click customizations (location, speed, button, etc)
  • Visual editor to easily record and playback mouse actions
  • Adjustable click statistics to flag cheating thresholds
  • Smart click functionality to only click certain types of objects
  • Ability to run interactive click scripts based on screen events

While mainly aimed at developers and power users, beginners can still utilize Click Assistant’s auto click core functionality. A generous free trial lets you test out the full suite of features for 30 days.

How to Avoid Getting Caught Cheating

When using an auto clicker program, it’s important to follow best practices to avoid getting flagged or banned:

  • Look up the game’s Terms of Service to see acceptable mouse input levels
  • Always adjust click speed to stay within humanly possible limits
  • Use auto clicker features to randomize timing between clicks
  • Never run an auto clicker while streaming or recording footage of your gameplay
  • Be open and honest if asked if you are using any automation software

Most anti-cheat systems use algorithms to detect highly repetitive or perfect mouse inputs that exceed human norms. Simply being cautious with speed and randomness settings will help disguise auto clicker usage.

Auto Clicker Alternatives

Auto clickers are not the only way to speed up and automate mouse clicking. Here are some other options:

Keyboard Auto Clickers

Rather than automating your mouse, some programs let you automatically press a key at high speeds. When bound to the primary click button, this has the same rapid clicking effect. KeyClicker and Pulover’s Macro Creator can turn keyboard keys into auto clickers.

Gaming Mice

Many advanced gaming mice feature built-in macros and click burst modes that rapidly actuate clicks within a single button press. Fancy mice often have onboard memory to save custom click profiles and switching modes easily.

Mouse Scripts

If you have even a basic knowledge of coding you can write your own auto clicking scripts. AHK (AutoHotkey) is a free scripting language that can execute complex macro instructions. Level up your automation skills by programming your own clicker scripts.


Auto clickers are powerful little tools to effortlessly automate and accelerate mouse clicking. They have many valid gameplay uses, especially in idle and casual games.

Just understand the context of whether using auto clicking software would provide an unf

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