Facetune for PC : Download Free (2024)

By | February 19, 2024

Facetune is one of the most popular photo editing apps around, allowing users to easily retouch portraits and selfies to perfection.

With powerful and easy-to-use tools like pimple and wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, reshaping, and more, Facetune gives anyone the ability to transform their photos.

Unfortunately, Facetune is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. But with some simple steps, you can download and use Facetune on your Windows or Mac PC.

In this article, we’ll walk through everything you need to know to edit photos with Facetune on desktop.

Why Use Facetune on PC?

There are a few key reasons you may want to use Facetune on your laptop or desktop computer:

More Powerful Editing – With a large screen, mouse, and keyboard, editing photos is faster and more precise on a PC. The additional screen real estate gives you better visibility into the details.

Easier File Management – Transferring photos from your phone and saving edited files is simpler on a computer than mobile device.

Larger Library – You can store and access a much larger collection of photos to edit on the hard drive of a computer compared to mobile device capacity.

How to Get Facetune for PC

Since there is no native Windows or Mac version of Facetune available, we’ll need to use an Android emulator. An emulator allows you to run Android apps on computer by mimicking an Android OS environment.

There are a few emulator options out there, but for running Facetune we recommend using either BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. Both emulators are free to download and easy to set up.

Here are installation instructions for each option:

Using BlueStacks

  1. Go to www.bluestacks.com and click the free download button
  2. Open the BlueStacks installer file and follow the prompts
  3. Once installed, open the BlueStacks app and sign-in with your Google account
  4. Use the search bar to find and install Facetune from the Google Play Store
  5. Facetune should now appear in your BlueStacks app library

Using NoxPlayer

  1. Go to www.bignox.com and click to download NoxPlayer
  2. Install NoxPlayer once the file finishes downloading
  3. Open NoxPlayer and sign-in to your Google account
  4. Search for Facetune in the built-in Play Store and tap to install
  5. You’ll now find Facetune ready to launch

And that’s it! Facetune will run just like it does on an Android tablet or smartphone. Continue below as we cover getting set up inside the app and reviews key editing features.

Getting Started in Facetune

When you first launch Facetune in your emulator, you may need to grant a few permissions for access to your photos and other functions. Make sure to allow access when prompted.

You’ll then be presented with the main Facetune interface. The editing tools are located in a menu bar at the bottom, with scrolling panels for each toolset. Your image displays large in the center area to allow precision editing.

Start by clicking the camera icon in the menu bar to import a photo. Locate the photo you want enhance on your computer and open it. You can also take shots using your emulator or webcam to directly import live images.

Once your picture is imported, you can start perfecting it with the powerful touch-up features covered below.

Facetune Editing Features

Facetune makes precision editing simple with an intuitive interface focused around essential portrait enhancement capabilities, including:

Smoother Skin – Instantly remove blemishes, acne scars, fine lines. Adjust skin tone consistency.
Shape Tools – Slim jawlines, cheeks, nose and other features. Resize selfies to preference.
Whiten Teeth – Brighten smile with realistic teeth whitening brush.
Reshape – Subtle reshaping of lips, eyes, brows, face.
Details – Sharpen clarity, reduce redness, matte skin textures
Patch Tool – Cover large problem areas by copying nearby skin. Great for moles, tattoos, etc.
Lashes & Eyes – Thicken lashes. Whiten sclera (eye white) and enhance iris. Big, beautiful eyes!
The best way to learn is by doing! Import a portrait and start playing around with all the enhancement tools at your fingertips.

Many adjustments can be previewed live before applying changes. Don’t be afraid to push sliders to the extreme to see full impact – you can always dial back.

Use the history browser to undo steps or revert completely to original. When happy with the final look, export or share however you like. The beauty of Facetune is being able to test endless variations until achieving image perfection!

Extra PC Facetune Tips

A few final pointers for unlocking the full experience using Facetune on desktop:

Utilize keyboard shortcuts within the emulator for quicker operation.
Leverage the enhanced processing power for applying multiple edits simultaneously. Mobile devices tend to lag with too many active changes.
Take screenshots on computer for easy before/after comparisons to finely tune your enhancements.
With the emulator, you can continue editing projects even without reliable mobile internet connectivity.
We hope these instructions give you everything needed to enjoy Facetune and all its incredible selfie-editing capabilities right from the comfort of your Windows or Mac desktop!

Transforming snapshots into glamorous portraits has never been simpler no matter your skill level.

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