Geeni App For PC Latest Version (Windows & MacOS)

The Geeni app allows you to control your Geeni smart home devices from your smartphone.

But what if you want to control your Geeni devices from your computer?

With some simple steps, you can download and use the Geeni app on your Windows or Mac PC.

What is the Geeni App?

The Geeni app is a free mobile app created by Geeni to control their various smart home products. These include smart lights, smart plugs, security cameras, video doorbells, and more. The app allows you to do things like:

  • Turn Geeni lights on/off and change brightness or color
  • Set schedules and timers for your Geeni devices
  • View live feeds from Geeni security cameras
  • Receive notifications from Geeni video doorbells
  • Control multiple Geeni devices at once using Scenes

So the Geeni app makes controlling your smart home simple and convenient from your iOS or Android mobile device. But what if you want that same easy control from your desktop or laptop computer? Read on to learn how to download and use the Geeni app for PC.

Why Use Geeni App on PC?

There are a few good reasons you may want to use the Geeni app on your Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer:

  • Larger screen – The Geeni app interface is optimized for smartphones. Using it on a PC gives you a much larger screen, making it easier to view camera feeds and control multiple devices.
  • Easier typing – Entering your WiFi password or naming your Geeni devices and rooms can be tedious on a small touchscreen. A full keyboard makes text entry much faster.
  • Convenience – If you spend most of your time at a desk, it’s handy to have the Geeni app open on your PC to control smart home devices without grabbing your phone.
  • Multi-tasking – You can more easily use the Geeni app on your computer while also working on other tasks.

So while the mobile app is great for on-the-go control, the PC experience is better suited for more extensive smart home management.

How to Download Geeni App for PC

Unfortunately, Geeni does not offer a native desktop app for Windows or Mac. But you still have a couple options for accessing the Geeni app on your computer:

Use Web Browser

The easiest way to use Geeni on your PC is simply to open the web app in your browser:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your Geeni app account details.
  3. The web interface looks and functions just like the mobile app!

You can bookmark the web app to quickly access it later. This provides convenient Geeni control right from your browser.

The downside is that the web app is still designed for mobile, so the layout may not be ideal on a desktop screen. But it works perfectly well and requires no special setup.

Install Android Emulator

For a native-feeling Geeni app experience on PC, you can install an Android emulator:

  1. Download and install an emulator like Bluestacks or Nox App Player.
  2. Open the emulator and access the Google Play Store.
  3. Search for and install the Geeni app within the emulator.
  4. Log in to your Geeni account in the app.

Running the mobile app in an emulator gives you the full intended interface on your computer screen. This feels more natural than using the web browser, but does require downloading emulator software.

Using the Geeni App on PC

Once you have access to the Geeni app through either the web browser or emulator method, using it on a PC is simple. The interface and features are the same as on your smartphone. You can:

  • View and control devices – Toggle lights on/off, adjust smart plugs, view live camera feeds, etc. Everything works just like on mobile.
  • Create scenes – Program multiple devices to activate with one tap. Like turning on lights and your robot vacuum at the clean time.
  • Set schedules – Make your devices turn on or off automatically at certain times, like lights at sunset.
  • Get notifications – See alerts from doorbell presses or motion detection right on your computer.
  • Adjust settings – Change your account details, device names, WiFi networks, and more.
  • Add new devices – Set up new Geeni products by scanning codes or searching for them on your network.
  • Access from multiple devices – Log in on both mobile and PC for seamless control from anywhere.

So anything you can do on the Geeni mobile app you can also do on the desktop version. The functionality is identical.

Tips for Using Geeni App on PC

To get the best experience using the Geeni app on your Windows, Mac, or Chromebook, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be sure your computer and Geeni devices are on the same WiFi network. The app connects locally.
  • If using the web app, use a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox for best performance.
  • Resize the emulator window or zoom your browser to properly fit the app interface.
  • Allow notifications so you can see alerts from your smart home devices.
  • Create an icon on your desktop to quickly launch the web app or emulator.
  • Log out of the app and your Geeni account when finished for privacy.
  • Update the Geeni app and your smart devices when new versions are available.
  • Use a larger monitor instead of a laptop screen for easier control of multiple devices.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues by rebooting your Geeni hub and checking WiFi strength.

Following these tips will make controlling your Geeni smart home from a computer easy and enjoyable!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Geeni App for PC

Here are answers to some common questions about using the Geeni app on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks:

How do I download the Geeni app on my PC?

You’ll need to either use the web app from your browser at or install an Android emulator like Bluestacks to run the mobile app. There is no native Geeni app for PC.

Is the Geeni app available for Mac?

Yes, you can access the Geeni app on a Mac by using the web app in your browser or running an Android emulator for Mac like Nox App Player.

Do I need to create a new Geeni account to use the app on PC?

No, you can log in with the same Geeni account you use on your mobile device. Your devices, settings, etc will all be synced.

Why can’t I connect my Geeni devices in the PC app?

If your computer and smart home devices are not on the same WiFi network, the app will not be able to find or control them. Connect to the same network to resolve this.

Can I get Geeni app notifications on my computer?

Yes, allowing notifications will send alerts like motion detection and doorbell presses to your Windows, Mac, or Chromebook desktop just like on your phone.

Is there a way to make the Geeni app larger on my PC?

Try zooming in your browser when using the web app. Or resize the window of the Android emulator. You can also connect your computer to a larger external monitor.

What happens if I log in to Geeni on multiple devices?

The Geeni app syncs across all your logged in devices. So you can seamlessly control your smart home from any mobile or desktop device.

Is the Geeni app for PC secure?

Yes, your Geeni account and app data are secured with encryption. Just remember to log out of the web or emulator app when not in use.

Using the Geeni smart home app on your personal computer is easy with the web browser or emulator options. This allows expanded control of Geeni lights, plugs, cameras and other devices from the convenience of your desktop.


Although Geeni does not offer an official desktop application, you can still enjoy the features of their smart home app right from your Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer. Just access the web app through your browser or install an Android emulator.

The Geeni app for PC gives you larger screen real estate, easier typing, and quick access without grabbing your phone every time. Set up lights, view security feeds, create scenes and automation schedules, control multiple devices at once, and get real-time notifications.

So unlock the ability to manage your Geeni smart home from anywhere. With the web and emulator options covered here, you’ll be able to use the Geeni app to make your life more convenient, comfortable, and secure – all from the comfort of your computer.

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