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Introduction to Hik Connect for PC Hik Connect is a video monitoring app created by Hikvision that allows you to view live footage from Hikvision security cameras.

With Hik Connect, you can access your security cameras from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to use Hik Connect on a Windows or Mac computer.

There are a few advantages to using the Hik Connect app on a desktop or laptop compared to just a mobile device:

Benefits of Using Hik Connect on a Computer

  • Larger screen makes it easier to see details in the camera footage
  • Easier to navigate the app with a mouse and keyboard
  • Can have multiple camera feeds open at once
  • Can record and save footage more easily

Installing Hik Connect

To use Hik Connect on your home or office computer, you’ll first need to download and install the app.

If you have a Windows PC, go to the Microsoft Store and search for “Hik Connect.” Click install or get to download the free app.

For Mac users, go to the official Hikvision website and navigate to Support > Tools > Hik-Connect.

Download the Hik Connect client for macOS.

Once downloaded, open the DMG file and drag the Hik Connect app into your Applications folder to install it.

Logging Into Your Hikvision Account

After installing the Hik Connect app on your computer, launch the app. You’ll be prompted to log into your Hikvision account.

If you already created your Hikvision ID for your security system, enter those login credentials here.

This is usually the username and password you use to access your cameras from your phone.

If you haven’t made a Hikvision ID yet, you can register for a new account within the app. Just click Create Account and follow the on-screen instructions to setup your account credentials.

Connecting Cameras to Hik

Connect Once logged into your account, you can start connecting your Hikvision cameras and NVRs to the client.

Go to the “Add Device” section and choose your device type – this is likely “IP Camera” or “NVR Device”.

You’ll need to enter details like the camera or NVR’s IP address, port number, and verification code or password.

You can usually find this info printed on a sticker directly on your Hikvision device. If not, check the documentation that came with your security camera system.

Viewing Live Camera Feeds

After getting your devices added to Hik Connect, you can start viewing live feeds from your cameras. Open the “Cameras” section to see thumbnails of connected cameras.

Double click any camera to open the live feed in a resizable window. Use the controls to pan, tilt and zoom supported cameras too.

If you have multiple connected devices, open the Feed Layout menu to customize how many live feeds you view at once.

Choose anything from 1 feed to 64 feeds on screen in tiled format.

Recording and Taking Snapshots

A key benefit of using Hik Connect on desktop is the ability to easily record footage and take snapshots from your cameras.

To start recording, click the Record button when viewing a live feed. Footage will save directly to your computer for playback or sharing later.

You can also take screenshots of any camera feed by clicking the Camera icon to capture a still image.

These recordings and snapshots get saved in an intuitive media library inside the Hik Connect app for quick access.

Enabling Push Notifications

One last recommendation is enabling push notifications in the Hik Connect desktop app.

This allows the app to send alerts to your Windows or Mac computer if motion or people are detected by your cameras.

To turn this on, click the alarm bell icon in the top right corner. Then toggle notifications on for any devices you want alerts for.

You can choose whether to be notified for general activity or more critical alerts.

Now you’ll get notifications even when Hik Connect isn’t actively open on your computer, helping keep tabs on your home or business when you’re away.


Hik Connect makes accessing your Hikvision security cameras on a desktop or laptop computer quick and easy.

With live viewing, recording tools and push notifications, it expands the capabilities beyond just a smartphone app.

Now you have an optimal setup for monitoring your surveillance system from anywhere.

Keep the Hik Connect app running in the background on your home PC or office computer for convenient access to crystal clear footage.

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