I Wanna be the Boshy: Download Latest Version (2024)

I Wanna Be The Boshy is a very challenging 2D platform game made for the computer. Platform games are where you control a character and have to jump around on platforms while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

In I Wanna Be The Boshy, you play as a little ninja guy with a big sword. Your goal is to reach the end of each level by running, jumping, and slashing through lots of tough obstacles. Along the way you have to fight difficult enemies too.

The game is super hard on purpose. The creators made it to be a game only the best gamers can finish. Because you will die a lot before finishing each level. But it’s very rewarding when you finally beat a level!

Who Made I Wanna Be The Boshy

I Wanna Be The Boshy was made by an independent game developer named Solgryn. He is known for making other very hard games like this too.

The game was first released in 2010 and quickly became popular in gaming communities for its difficulty. Critics gave it good reviews for being a fair challenge. Which means even though its super hard, you don’t die unfairly.

Getting Started in I Wanna Be The Boshy

Choosing Your Character
When you start the game, you first have to pick your character. You can choose between the little ninja guy or other secret characters. Each character has their own sword and abilities, but the ninja is probably best for beginners.

Understanding the Controls
Learning the controls takes time since you need to do lots of complex moves. You use the arrow keys to walk left and right and to crouch down. The up arrow makes you jump and you can press it again mid-jump to jump higher.

You attack with the X key which makes you swing your sword. And you dash with the C key allowing you to burst forward quickly. There are other special move keys too.

The Obstacle Course Levels
There are several different levels to try and beat. Each one has a different theme or gimmick. For example, one level is nothing but platforms hovering over deadly spikes. Another takes place in a dangerous factory.

Every level is littered with things that can kill you! There are spiky traps on the floors and ceilings. Tiny gaps you can barely jump over. Enemies that chase you. And platforms that fall if you stand still too long.

You have to run, jump, and slash your way through while avoiding death at all turns. A small mistake means you die and have to start the level over!

Bosses and Mini Bosses
Some levels cap off with epic boss fights too. These are against giant dangerous enemies with unique attacks and weaknesses. You’ll have to learn their patterns properly while watching out for regular obstacles.

There are also smaller mini boss encounters. These still feature dangerous foes but are easier than the main bosses. But they can still crush you if you’re not careful!

Tips For Surviving in I Wanna Be The Boshy

Take Things Slow at First
It’s tempting to rush ahead since you can move very fast. But slow down and take your time to learn the patterns and timing of traps first. Rushing in will just get you killed quickly. Move carefully until you memorize things.

Master the Controls
All those complex moves might seem complicated but learn them well. Especially dashing and jumping at the right times to avoid spikes, gaps, and attacks. The better you can control your character, the further you’ll get through levels.

Memorize and React Fast
Levels don’t change so memorizing where the next trap or platform is helps immensely. You need to know dangers beforehand to react fast enough when they come. Study and memorize each level section carefully between attempts.

Stay Calm When You Die
You will die thousands of times so staying calm is vital. If you get mad it will just make you play worse. Treat each death as a learning experience and try again with more knowledge. Keep your cool because you’ll be dying a lot!


I Wanna Be The Boshy is one of the most intense and challenging platform games ever created. But mastering its complex levels and punishing obstacles delivers an awesome sense of satisfaction.

Use the tips above to sharpen your skills and conquer each brutal stage in this iconic rage game! Just try not to smash your keyboard when you die too much!

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