iBooks for PC & Mac Download For Free (2024)

By | February 7, 2024

Have you heard about iBooks and want to try out this popular ebook reader app on your Windows computer?

With just a few quick steps, you can start enjoying thousands of free and paid book titles on your PC.

In this guide for novice users, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get up and running with iBooks on a Windows laptop or desktop.

iBooks for PC

Downloading iBooks

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the iBooks app from the Microsoft Store. Just open the Store app on your computer and search for “iBooks.”

You should see the iBooks app published by Apple Inc. It’s free to download and install. Once it’s finished downloading, the iBooks tile will appear on your Start menu.

Adding Books to Your Library

Now you’re ready to start building your iBooks library! There are a couple different ways to add content:

  1. Microsoft Store – There is a section within the Microsoft Store specifically for iBooks. Here you can browse top sellers, new releases, and free ebook options. When you find a book you want, just click “Read” or “Get” to add it to your library.
  2. Drag and Drop – If you already have ebook files saved on your computer, you can drag and drop them right into the iBooks app to upload them. This works for any non-DRM ebook files like EPUBs or PDFs.
  3. Buy from Within iBooks – Just like on an iPhone or iPad, you can purchase new book titles directly in the iBooks store. Tap the “Store” button to browse and buy books that will automatically sync to your library.

Navigating the iBooks App

Now that you’ve got some books lined up, let’s look at how to find your way around the iBooks app. The interface has four main sections which you can access using the navigation menu:

Library – This shows all the books you have downloaded and any files you’ve added yourself. You’ll see the covers displayed on shelves, just like a real bookshelf!

Store – As mentioned above, this takes you to Apple’s bookstore where you can find paid and free books to add to your collection.

Audiobooks – Here you’ll find audiobook versions of many popular titles. You can purchase or sample audiobooks just like ebooks.

PDFs – If you’ve added any PDF files to your iBooks library, they will show up separately under this section.

Reading & Navigating Book Content

Tapping any book cover will open up that book for reading. As you’re reading, these controls can help you navigate:

  • Page back/forward – Tap the sides of the screen or use keyboard shortcuts to turn pages (left arrow and right arrow).
  • Scroll – Drag your finger up or down to scroll vertically through the book’s text.
  • Table of contents – Tap near the top of the screen to open the TOC and jump to different chapters.
  • Font/text size – Adjust these settings using the (A) buttons near the top right.
  • Brightness – Similarly, the lightbulb icon lets you adjust screen brightness for reading.

That covers the basics of finding, adding, organizing, and reading books in iBooks on your Windows laptop or desktop!

With its familiar, intuitive interface, iBooks makes it easy for anyone to start enjoying ebooks on a PC.

As you explore the app further, you’re sure to discover even more useful features tailored to book lovers.

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