InShot for PC & Windows Latest Version (Download)

InShot is a free video editing app you can use on your Windows 10 computer. It lets you edit videos in lots of cool ways, like cutting clips, adding music, text, and stickers.

InShot makes it super easy for anyone to start editing videos, even kids!

InShot for PC

Getting Started with InShot

Downloading InShot

InShot You can download InShot for free from the Microsoft Store. Just open the Microsoft Store app on your computer and search for “InShot”. Click “Get” to install it.

Signing Up

You’ll need to create a free InShot account to use the app. When you first open InShot, click “Log In” and then click “Sign Up with Email”. Enter your email address and create a password.

Importing Videos

InShot lets you import videos from your computer to edit them. Click the big plus button at the bottom and choose your video. You can import videos you filmed or downloaded.

Trimming Video Clips

One of the most common things you’ll do in InShot is trim videos – cut out parts you don’t want.

Tap the scissor icon on the left sidebar. Move the sliders at the bottom to select the part you want to cut. Then tap “Delete” in the popup box.

Adding Stickers and Text

Stickers and text are a super fun way to decorate your videos! Tap the stickers icon on the left. You’ll see lots of different stickers to choose from. Tap a sticker to add it to your video.

Resize or rotate stickers by dragging the corners. For text, tap the T icon and type whatever you want!

Changing the Background

You can easily change your background in InShot. Tap “Background” on the left sidebar. You’ll see options like colors and patterns. Tap a background color or image to set it for your whole video.

Adding Music to Videos

Music can make your videos way more interesting! Tap the music note icon on the left sidebar. InShot has lots of built-in songs and sounds to add.

Tap one to add it over your video. Trim the music clip or adjust the volume on the timeline.

Speeding Up or Slowing Down Clips

Changing the speed of your clips can create cool effects! Select the part of your video you want to change.

Then tap “Speed” – you can speed up or slow down that section of your video. Get creative with speed changes!

Reviewing and Saving

When you’re done editing, tap the play icon at the top to review your full video. If you want to change anything, just tap the part on the timeline.

When you’re 100% happy with your edit, tap the export button at the top right save and export your completed video!

Advanced Features in InShot

InShot has a few more advanced features once you get the hang of the basics. Here are some cool things you can try:

Split Screen

Add a split screen effect to show two clips side-by-side with the “Split” tool on the left sidebar. Resize or reposition each side of the split screen.

Green Screen

InShot’s Chroma Key tool lets you easily green screen your videos! Just film yourself in front of a solid green backdrop, then mark that green color transparent in InShot to replace it with any background.

Filters and Effects

Enhance your videos with filters like Vintage and Noir or effects like Face-Off and Rotate & Zoom. Tons of options to give your videos a unique style!


Add transitions like Wipe, Glitch and Spin between your video clips to change from one scene to the next in an interesting way. InShot has transitions sorted by style to fit any video.

And that’s pretty much everything a beginner needs to know to get started editing great looking videos with InShot on Windows 10!

With a little practice, InShot can help anyone make fun video projects to share with family and friends. What will you create?

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