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Do you spend hours typing away at your computer every day? Whether you are a writer, programmer, gamer, or just someone who does a lot of work on your PC, having the right keyboard can make a huge difference.

That’s where the IP PRO keyboard comes in. This high-quality mechanical keyboard is designed with PC users in mind, offering a responsive feel, durable construction, and customizable features to meet your needs.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the IP PRO keyboard. We’ll cover everything from its design and build quality to its performance and customization options.

By the end, you’ll know whether this is the right keyboard for your PC setup or if you should keep looking.

IP Pro for PC

What is the IP PRO Keyboard?

The IP PRO is a mechanical keyboard made by a company called iKBC. It uses Cherry MX Brown switches for that satisfying tactile feel and customizable RGB backlighting for a modern aesthetic.

Some key features of the IP PRO include:

  • Compact 75% layout to save desk space
  • Double-shot PBT keycaps for durability and a premium look
  • N-Key rollover support for accurate input
  • Dedicated media controls and Windows key lock button
  • Multiple connectivity options like wired USB-C and wireless Bluetooth

The IP PRO aims to combine the best of typing performance and convenience features into one high-end package. Whether you’re typing up documents, writing code, or gaming, this keyboard is designed to give you the tools and comfort you need.

Setup and Design

Getting the IP PRO keyboard up and running is refreshingly simple. Just plug it into your PC via the included USB-C to USB-A cable or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. The keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.1 for a fast, stable wireless connection.

On first glance, the IP PRO has a sleek, professional look. The aluminum top plate and floating keycaps design give it a modern flare. Available color options include variants with black, white, and blue grey keycaps.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the compact 75% layout. This means you still get a dedicated arrow key cluster and function row, but in a more space-efficient form factor compared to full-size keyboards. The 75% layout is great for saving desk space, especially if you prefer a minimal setup.

That said, you will need to adjust to the lack of a traditional numpad for entering numbers or data. But you can always set keyboard shortcuts or use the dedicated Page Up/Page Down keys as an alternative. There are also separate left/right Control, Windows, and Menu keys for customization.

The overall build quality feels extremely solid thanks to the aluminum construction. There is absolutely no flex in the keyboard and it has a nice hefty weight when you pick it up. The double-shot PBT keycaps also contribute to that premium, durable feel.

If aesthetics matter to you, the IP PRO delivers in that department as well. The clean white backplate contrasts beautifully with the dark keycaps. And of course, you have full control over the RGB lighting effects.

For even more control and customization, iKBC offers software called iKBC Control Pad. This desktop app lets you program macros, adjust keyboard settings, and fine-tune the RGB lighting effects.

Cherry MX Brown Switches

Under the keycaps are Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches for a responsive and consistent typing experience.

These tactile switches provide a light bump halfway through the key travel before bottoming out. The activation force of 55g delivers a balance between typing comfort and accuracy. You get the benefits of a mechanical keyboard without an overwhelming amount of resistance.

Browns are considered the happy medium between loud clicky Blue switches and lighter linear Red switches. Compared to Blues, Browns have a slightly muffled sound profile that produces a satisfying yet quiet “thock” typing noise.

The Cherry MX Brown switches should satisfy most users, from writers and developers to gamers. That said, they might not be the best fit if you absolutely require silent operation or prefer a more aggressive, clicky typing feel. For those cases, Browns make for a solid all-round choice.

N-Key Rollover

When typing quickly or during intense gaming sessions, there’s nothing more frustrating than key inputs not registering properly. The IP PRO keyboard features full N-Key Rollover support (NKRO) to eliminate this concern.

With NKRO, every key press registers correctly regardless of how many other keys you have pressed. Whether you’re hitting complex keyboard shortcuts or executing combos in fighting games, every input gets through.

Dedicated hardware on the keyboard itself handles the N-Key Rollover rather than relying on software drivers. This ensures you get the full NKRO benefit for a flawless typing experience.

Backlighting and Custom Effects

Of course, no modern keyboard review would be complete without discussing the RGB backlighting. Like you’d expect from a premium keyboard, the IP PRO has shiny colorful LED illumination.

Each individual key is backlit so you can create all kinds of cool lighting effects and customizable zones. The software lets you sync backlight schemes across multiple IKBC products too.

The keyboard comes preloaded with 18 RGB effects out of the box. Options range from simple static colors to dynamic ripple and breathing effects.

You can also create your own custom lighting schemes within the software. Just remember to save frequently as the IP PRO has no onboard memory to store settings.

The white glow from under the floating keycaps looks incredible. The transparent legends allow the LEDs to shine through brightly. It definitely adds a modern flair and ambient lighting to your setup.

Extra Convenience Features

Beyond being a great typing tool, the IP PRO packs useful convenience features into its compact frame.

First are dedicated media keys for quickly controlling audio playback. Next to the function row are rewind, play/pause, and skip buttons. This is really handy for controlling music and videos on your PC without leaving your keyboard.

There’s also a key that allows you to temporarily disable the Windows key. This prevents accidentally minimizing programs when making keyboard shortcuts during intense work sessions. Simply hold the key and your Windows key serves no function until you release it.

You’ll also find built-in hotkeys for controlling brightness, RGB lighting modes, and standard shortcuts like Cut, Copy, and Paste.

The IP PRO supports wired or wireless connectivity too. For the best latency, use the included detachable USB-C cable. But if you want more freedom, Bluetooth 5.1 provides a fast and stable wireless connection.

There are programmable layers accessible via an FN key too. While the software helps, the keyboard alone offers good customization potential.

Where Can I Buy the IP PRO?

The IP PRO keyboard is manufactured by iKBC, a small custom keyboard brand based in Taiwan. Their products target the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community with their focus on premium materials, customization features, and clean industrial designs.

While not available in big box electronics stores, you can find the IP PRO and other iKBC keyboards available for purchase from:

  • The official iKBC store
  • Amazon
  • Mechanical keyboard specialty retailers like KBDfans

Price-wise the IP PRO usually sells for $169 USD. That’s fairly standard in the upper tier of mechanical keyboards but positions it as a premium product.

Is the IP PRO Worth It?

Now that we’ve thoroughly covered all the features and details of iKBC’s IP PRO keyboard, is it worth the investment?

For the discerning PC user who wants the best typing experience and customization, the IP PRO delivers superb quality. Its solid build, premium materials, responsive mechanical switches, and attractive design justify the price for any serious typist or gamer.

While the lack of a numpad and adjustable feet may be a drawback for some, the 75% layout provides a nice balance of functionality and desk space. The IP PRO remains extremely comfortable for long typing sessions too.

And any compromises are offset by truly useful features like full NKRO, custom backlighting, dedicated media controls, and both wireless and wired connectivity options.

Overall, the IP PRO is a fantastic high-end option for mechanical keyboard fans seeking a solid, attractive daily driver for their desktop setup.

The Cherry MX Browns provide popular all-round performance and the ability to customize with shortcuts, macros, and lighting effects is icing on the cake.

While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, you truly get excellent value for the price. It’s a keyboard built to last with quality construction, reliable performance, and flexibility that caters to your preferences.

Final Verdict on the iKBC IP PRO

Thanks to its comfortable typing feel, premium build, and thoughtful extras, the iKBC IP PRO is a worthy investment for PC users serious about their keyboard and work setup.

It combines the classic mechanical experience with modern conveniences into a sharp, professional package.

As long as you’re okay with its compact size and price point, this well-rounded keyboard should satisfy demanding typists who want the best tool for the job.

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