Toon Blast for PC :The Latest Version (free)

By | February 20, 2024

Toon Blast is a super fun and addictive puzzle game that people of all ages can enjoy. The goal is to solve puzzles by tapping on groups of blocks to make them disappear.

With bright, colorful graphics and quirky cartoon characters, it’s easy to see why Toon Blast has become so popular. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to start playing Toon Blast on your Windows PC.

Getting Set Up to Play Toon Blast on PC

Luckily, playing Toon Blast on a PC is quick and easy to set up. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Install an Emulator
    An emulator is a software program that allows you to run mobile apps on your computer. Some good options are BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. Download and install one of those emulators.
  2. Download Toon Blast
    Next, open the emulator on your computer. Look for the Google Play Store icon and double click to open it. Search for “Toon Blast” and click install. The emulator will download and install Toon Blast on your PC.
  3. Log in or Create an Account
    When Toon Blast opens, you can log in with an existing account like Facebook or Google. Or tap to create a new account directly in the game.

And that’s it! With just those 3 quick steps, you’re ready to start playing Toon Blast on your PC.

How to Play Toon Blast

Now let’s get into the fun stuff…here is everything you need to know about navigating levels and solving puzzles in Toon Blast:

Power ups
As you play, you’ll earn power ups like rockets, bombs, and disco balls to help you clear levels faster. Tap them to activate their special powers.

Combo stars
Clear multiple blocks in one tap to earn combo stars. Getting more combo stars fills your nitro meter for even more powerful blasts!

You start with 5 lives. Losing all 5 causes you to fail the level. But don’t worry – your progress saves and you can start back where you left off once you earn more lives.

Coins & Tickets
Earn coins (pink) and tickets (blue) as you play. Coins let you boost power ups before starting a level. Use tickets to access special events.

Toon Tasks
Complete these fun side quests to earn big rewards, like coins, tickets, or extra lives.

Tips & Tricks for Solving Puzzles

Now that you know the basics, check out these pro tips and tricks for solving puzzles:

Pay attention to color and shape. Group blocks together that are the same color and shape. This is the key to making matches.

Look for power up bonuses. Some levels have mystery block spaces that give out random power up prizes when cleared.

Save your power ups. Don’t waste rockets and disco balls on easy puzzles. Conserve boosts for the harder levels.

Take it slow. Don’t rush matching blocks. Carefully analyze patterns and plan your moves for maximum block clears each turn.

That covers the basics of playing Toon Blast on your PC! With these tips, you’ll be puzzle pro in no time. Now get ready for endless fun with your wacky Toon pals!

Advanced Tips for Experienced Players

Once you’ve conquered the beginner and intermediate levels, here are some high-level tips and tricks used by the pros:

Learn combos. Memorize block patterns that set off huge combo chain reactions across the board for tons of points.

Develop pattern recognition skills. Scan complex puzzles quickly to spot blocks primed for big blasts if grouped together.

Strategize moves ahead of time. Mentally map out your next 2-3 turns in advance to efficiently set up combos.

Buy power up boosters sparingly. Conserve in-game coins in early levels, then strategically boost rockets and bombs on very hard puzzles.

Take breaks to refresh. Walk away rather than burning through precious lives and power ups if frustrated. Come back with a clear head and new perspective.

Stay patient and persistent. Even seasoned players sometimes need multiple tries to beat a tricky level. Stick with it and you’ll eventually solve the puzzle!


We hope you enjoyed this beginner’s guide to playing Toon Blast on your personal computer. With vibrant graphics, funny characters, and super satisfying block-busting action, it’s easy to see why Toon Blast is so addictive.

Follow the tips and tricks outlined above and you’ll be a puzzle master in no time! What are you waiting for?

Go give Toon Blast a try on your PC! Have fun blasting blocks with your new Toon pals.

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