Unacademy App for PC & Windows 7/8/9/11 (Latest)

Unacademy is an online learning platform based in India that offers various educational courses and test preparation materials.

With over 50,000 registered educators and more than 6 million learners, Unacademy has become one of the largest e-learning platforms in India.

Unacademy App for PC

Getting Started with Unacademy App on PC

The Unacademy app allows you to access the platform’s extensive catalog of lessons directly from your phone or tablet.

But did you know you can also use Unacademy on your Windows or Mac computer?

Here is a simple guide to help you get started with the Unacademy app on a PC.

Why Use Unacademy on a Computer?

Here are some of the benefits of using the Unacademy app on a larger screen:

  • See Course Content More Clearly: Viewing lessons, notes, and diagrams on a big monitor can be easier than on a small mobile screen. This helps with retention.
  • Improved Focus: Having the app open on your computer without other distractions from your phone allows you to concentrate better.
  • Participate in Live Classes: Attending interactive lessons is easier from a PC with its keyboard and mouse compared to mobile devices.
  • Download Content for Offline Use: You can download more course videos foroffline viewing on a computer versus limited space on phones.

Installing Unacademy App on Windows PC

If you have a Windows 10 or 11 computer, you can easily install and start using the Unacademy app by following these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser First, make sure you have the latest version of the Chrome browser installed. Chrome has built-in support for running Android and iOS apps.
  2. Go to Unacademy Website In Chrome, go to the Unacademy website (unacademy.com). This will trigger the browser to ask if you want to install the app.
  3. Click “Install” You will get a prompt at the bottom to install Unacademy. Click on thisInstall button and wait a few seconds for it to finish.
  4. Pin the App Once installed, you will see the Unacademy icon on the shelf at the bottom. Right click and choose”Pin to taskbar” so its icon shows on your Windows taskbar for easy access.

And that’s it! The Unacademy app is now ready to use on your computer.

Using Unacademy App on Mac

Unfortunately the Unacademy app is not officially available for Mac computers. But fear not, because here is an easy method to run Unacademy using an Android emulator for Mac:

  1. Download BlueStacks BlueStacks allows you to run Android apps on Mac (and Windows) by creating a virtual Android environment. Go to bluestacks.com to download the free app player.
  2. Install and Open BlueStacks After downloading, install BlueStacks like any other app. It may take a few minutes to finish setting up the Android OS the first time you open it.
  3. Sign into Google Play Store BlueStacks will open the Android home screen. Click on the Google Play icon to access the app marketplace and sign-in with your Google account.
  4. Search for Unacademy You can now search for and install the Unacademy app from Google Play Store just like on an Android tablet or phone.
  5. Start Using App Once installed, you’ll see the Unacademy icon. Click it to launch the app and log in with your Unacademy account details to start accessing lessons!

Key Features of Unacademy App

Now that you know how to install the learning platform on desktop computers, let’s look at some of the useful things you can do:

  • Access 50,000+ instructors and educators
  • Choose from over 100,000 video lessons in 14 languages
  • Subscribe to structured courses like UPSC, NEET, Banking
  • Join interactive Live classes with educators
  • Take free mocks tests and analyze performance
  • Download videos and study material for offline access
  • Keep track of progress and get personalized recommendations

Whether you want to crack competitive exams, learn a new skill, or develop domain expertise, Unacademy offers highly engaging education for all needs and interests!


The versatility of the Unacademy platform makes it an extremely valuable asset for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge.

By following this guide, you can now enjoy all the app’s excellent learning resources from the comfort of a desktop PC as well!

So install Unacademy on your Windows laptop or Mac computer today and take control of your learning journey!

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