Vivavideo for PC : The Latest Version 2024 (Download)

By | February 14, 2024

VidVid is a powerful video editing app for PC. It lets you edit videos right on your computer.

VidVid makes video editing easy, even for beginners.

VidVid’s Main Features

Video Cutting and Trimming
With VidVid, you can cut and trim your videos. This lets you remove any unwanted parts. You can also split videos into smaller clips.

Merging Videos
VidVid lets you join multiple video clips together. This is great for creating longer videos from shorter ones.

Adding Text & Stickers
You can add text overlays and fun stickers to your videos. Customize the look and style to create unique videos.

Filters and Effects
Enhance your videos with a wide range of filters and visual effects. Options like black and white, vintage looks, and much more.

Speed Control
Speed up or slow down parts of your videos with easy speed controls. Great for creating fast or slow motion effects.

Background Music
Add audio tracks to your video projects. VidVid has a built-in music library to choose from.

Exporting & Sharing
Once edited, export your video projects in high definition. Then easily share to popular platforms like YouTube.

Why Use VidVid for Video Editing?

VidVid is a top choice for PC video editing for many reasons:

User-Friendly Interface
VidVid’s interface is clean and simple to use. Even beginners can pick it up quickly thanks to intuitive design.

No Watermarks
Unlike some free video editors, VidVid lets you export videos without intrusive watermarks.

Wide Device Support
Edit videos on Windows PCs, but also phones, tablets, and web browsers. Your editing projects sync across devices.

Online & Offline Modes
Work fully offline if you prefer or sign in to save projects to the cloud.

Frequent Updates
The VidVid team regularly releases updates with new features and improvements. Your video editing experience keeps getting better.

How to Use VidVid on PC

Here are the basic steps for getting started with VidVid on your PC:

Step 1: Download & Install VidVid
Visit the VidVid website and download the app for PC. Run the installer and choose your preferences.

Step 2: Launch VidVid
Open the VidVid program and you’ll see the main editor dashboard.

Step 3: Import Videos
Click “Create New Project” and import the video clips you want to edit. You can also record new footage right in VidVid.

Step 4: Trim and Arrange Clips
Use the simple drag and drop tools to trim unwanted parts from your clips. Then rearrange the order of scenes.

Step 5: Add Text, Stickers, Effects
Get creative with text captions, custom stickers, visual effects, and audio tracks. Explore all the editing features.

Step 6: Export and Share
Click “Export Project” and choose settings like video resolution. Then export and share your edited masterpiece!

Tips for Better Video Editing with VidVid

To get the most out of using VidVid on PC, follow these expert tips:

Master Keyboard Shortcuts
Learn VidVid’s keyboard shortcuts to boost your editing efficiency. Quick keys for common actions save time.

Try Different Aspect Ratios
Experiment with popular aspect ratios like 1:1 square or 9:16 vertical video for shareable social media content.

Use Transitions Effectively
Transitions like fades, wipes and slides can enhance the flow between your video clips when used wisely.

Create Backup Projects
Avoid losing progress by duplicating projects as backups before major edits. File management is key.

Check Video Codecs
For best results, confirm your source video files use friendly codecs VidVid supports before importing.

Advanced Color Grading
Dive into VidVid’s robust color grading tools for professional-grade color correction.

Find Inspiration
Check trending video edits on VidVid’s social channels for creative inspiration and editing techniques.

The Future of VidVid

VidVid’s team plans to continually push video editing innovation. Some highly anticipated future features include:

  • Automatic video editing using AI
  • Support for 360-degree VR videos
  • 4K and 8K ultra HD resolution exports
  • Cloud-based collaborative editing
  • Advanced motion graphics tools
  • Integration with major social platforms

Whether you’re just getting started with video or a seasoned pro, VidVid has a lot to offer. Download the free version of VidVid today on your PC and start creating awesome video projects!

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