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WifiKill is a free application originally created for Android devices that gives you control over what devices are connected to your WiFi router.

With WifiKill, you can view all the devices connected to your network and selectively “kick off” devices to disable their internet access.

This can be useful for temporarily disconnecting devices being used inappropriately on your network.

How to Use WifiKill on Your Windows PC

WifiKill is an application that lets you disable a device’s internet connection by kicking it off your WiFi network.

In this guide, I’ll explain what WifiKill is, why you might want to use it, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to download and install WifiKill on a Windows PC.

Why Use WifiKill on a Windows PC?

While WifiKill was originally made for Android, it can also be useful to have on a Windows PC. Reasons you might want to install WifiKill on a Windows computer include:

  • Quickly disconnect devices from the network without having to access your router settings.
  • Temporarily restrict a family member’s internet access.
  • Kick unwanted devices off your network like a neighbor’s device that shouldn’t be connected.

Installing WifiKill on Windows

WifiKill is not available as a native application for Windows. However, it can be installed and run using an Android emulator for PCs such as Bluestacks, Nox App Player, or Memu Play. Here is how to download and install WifiKill:


  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Android emulator such as Bluestacks, Nox App Player or Memu Play


  1. Download and Install an Android Emulator
    First, you need to download and install one of the Android emulators mentioned above. Follow the instructions for your chosen emulator to get it set up on your PC.
  2. Open the Android Emulator
    Once installed, launch your emulator. This will open essentially an Android environment on your Windows desktop.
  3. Navigate to the Play Store
    Just like an Android device, your emulator will include access to the Google Play Store. Open the Play Store app to search for and install apps.
  4. Install WifiKill
    In the Play Store search bar, search for “WifiKill.” It will be listed as the app by Wifi Kill & Manage. Install it just as you would an app on an Android device.
  5. Give the Necessary Permissions
    When first launching WifiKill, your emulator will ask for various permissions including access to location and WiFi connection information. Grant all requested permissions.

How to Use WifiKill on Windows

Now that you have WifiKill installed via your Android emulator app, using it is just as simple as on a mobile device:

  1. Launch WifiKill
    Start the WifiKill app in your emulator. On first launch, it will scan your network for connected devices.
  2. Select a Device
    You will see a list of devices connected to the same WiFi network as your computer. Tap on any device you wish to disconnect from the network.
  3. Click Kill
    Once you select a device, the “Kill” button will appear. Tap it to kick that device off your WiFi network immediately. Repeat for other devices as needed.
  4. Reconnect the Device
    To reconnect a disconnected device, tap on it again in the list and select “Reconnect.” This will allow it to regain internet access through your WiFi.

Additional WifiKill Features

Beyond the basics above, WifiKill has some additional capabilities:

See Device Names
WifiKill will display device names rather than just MAC addresses, so you can easily identify the phones, computers, and other gadgets on your network.

Block Internet Access
Instead of fully kicking a device off your network, you can use the “Block internet access” option to disable just internet connectivity but still allow local network access.

Custom Whitelist Rules
Set up whitelist rules so certain MAC addresses will be immune from disconnections by WifiKill. Useful for keeping access for your own devices.

No Root Required
WifiKill does not require your Android device or PC to be rooted or jailbroken in order to work. It uses a technique called ARP spoofing.

So in summary, WifiKill gives you quick control over your WiFi connections right from your Windows desktop.

While disconnecting people without their permission raises some ethical concerns, it can also be legitimately handy for temporarily restricting kids’ devices or troubleshooting connectivity issues.

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