WiseView for PC : Download Free (Latest Version 2024)

WiseView is a free utility program for Windows PCs that allows you to easily view over 300 different file types, including documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and more. It can also convert files from one format to another with just a couple clicks.

Why Use WiseView?

There are many great reasons to use WiseView on your Windows PC:

  1. View Almost Any File Type – It supports over 300 different file formats, so you can rely on it to open and view files no matter what program they were created with.
  2. Edit Files – You can make basic edits to documents, photos, and more from directly within WiseView.
  3. Convert Files – Easily convert back and forth between different file types. For example, turn a PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file.
  4. It’s Free and Has No Ads – WiseView is 100% free to use with no annoying ads getting in your way.

Who is WiseView Good For?

WiseView is great for any Windows user who frequently needs to view, edit, or convert files. Particularly good options include:

  • Students – View and convert homework file formats
  • Office workers – Quickly open files from co-workers and clients
  • Anyone without expensive software – View files from programs you don’t own
  • Managing personal files – View and organize your own documents

How to Download and Install WiseView

Downloading and installing WiseView on your Windows PC only takes a minute:

  1. Go to wiseview.en.softonic.com in your internet browser. Click the “Download” button.
  2. A download box will appear on the bottom of your screen. Click “Save File.”
  3. Once finished, click the file to begin the installation process.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, accepting any license agreements and choosing installation preferences when prompted.
  5. Click “Install” then “Finish” once completed. WiseView is now installed and ready to use!

How to Use WiseView’s Basic Features

Here is an overview of some of the great things you can do with WiseView right away:

Viewing Files
Opening files in WiseView takes just a click. Simply locate the file you want to open using Windows Explorer, right click the file, choose “Open With,” and select WiseView from the menu. Almost any file type will open directly in the WiseView viewer.

Making Basic Edits
Once a document is open in WiseView, go to the “Edit” menu to access options like cut, copy, paste, undo and redo. You can make basic text edits, adjust fonts/formatting, resize images, and more depending on file type.

Converting Files
Go to the “Convert” menu in WiseView to convert files from one format like a PDF into a different format, such as an editable Word document. WiseView will intelligently suggest ideal output formats based on your original file. Just choose your desired format and click convert.

Customizing WiseView
In WiseView’s Preferences menu, you can customize options to suit your needs. Choices include: setting the default file viewer, changing interface language, adjusting visual theme, and more personal tweaks.

Advanced Features

Once you get comfortable with the basics, explore WiseView’s more advanced options like batch converting groups of files at once, extracting audio from videos, compressing PDFs to reduce file size, splitting documents, and many more great features.

WiseView is an incredibly handy free program for any Windows user to have in their toolkit. With the ability to quickly view, edit and convert over 300 file types at no cost, it’s a must download.

Follow this beginner’s guide to easily get WiseView installed and start using its versatile file management capabilities right on your PC.

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