What is Backlight Bleed in Monitors? (Easy Fix)

You’re all set for a movie night.

Your popcorn’s ready, you press the play button, and there it is – an annoyingly bright light glaring out from the corners of your monitor.

This is what we call backlight bleed.

But what causes it, and can we fix it? Don’t worry; we have all your questions covered right here.

What is Backlight Bleed in Monitors? (Easy Fix)

What is Backlight Bleed?

Backlight bleed is an issue that can occur with LED monitors.

You’ll know your monitor has this problem when you notice patches of light coming out from the corners or along the edges of the screen, particularly when viewing dark scenes.

Imagine your monitor is like a window with a light behind it.

However, if some light still peeps through the corners or sides, we call it backlight bleed.

Causes of Backlight Bleed

Backlight bleed happens because of the way LCD monitors are built.

They work by shining a light (the “backlight”) through lots of tiny, coloured crystals to create an image.

Sometimes, the monitor’s design or assembly doesn’t completely block out the backlight around the edges. This can be due to:

  1. Poor Construction: Light may sneak out around the edges of the frame that holds everything together and is not well-made or assembled.
  2. Pressure on the Screen: Too much stress is sometimes applied to the screen during assembly, which can cause light leakage.
  3. Uneven Backlight Distribution: If the backlight isn’t evenly spread, it may result in hotspots or areas with more light leakage.

Ways to Fix Backlight Bleed

Backlight bleed can be annoying, especially when trying to enjoy a movie or a game with dark scenes.

Here’s what you can do to fix it:

1. Reduce Monitor Brightness

One of the simplest ways to reduce backlight bleed is to lower the brightness of your monitor.

This may not completely solve the issue but can make it less noticeable.

2. Pressure Adjustment

Remember how pressure on the screen can cause backlight bleed?

Sometimes, loosening the monitor’s bezel (the plastic frame around the screen) can help.

Note: However, this requires care, and it’s not recommended unless you know what you’re doing.

Screen Uniformity Function

Some monitors have a built-in function called screen uniformity or uniformity compensation.

This feature can help balance the backlight across the screen, reducing the bleed effect.

Return or Replace

If your monitor’s backlight bleed most of the time and you’ve just bought it, the best solution might be to return it and get a replacement.

Always check the manufacturer’s return policy before purchasing.

FAQ Section

Ques 1: Is backlight bleed normal?

Ans: Small backlight bleed, especially on IPS and LCD monitors, can be normal.

However, if it’s so much that it’s distracting, you might have a defective monitor.

Ques 2: Does the backlight bleed get worse over time?

Ans: Typically, no. Backlight bleed is a manufacturing issue and usually doesn’t change over time.

Ques 3: Can the backlight bleed be fixed?

Ans: While minor backlight bleed can be managed with techniques like reducing brightness, serious backlight bleed often can’t be completely fixed by users.

Ques 4: Is backlight bleed covered under warranty?

Ans: It depends on the manufacturer’s policy. Some consider excessive backlight bleed a defect and cover it under warranty, while others may not.


Backlight bleed can be a spoiler when enjoying your favourite movies or games.

But now, you’re armed with the knowledge of what it is, what causes it, and what you can do about it.

Remember, it’s best to consult with a professional or contact the manufacturer for advice when in doubt.

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