How To Change Input On Sceptre Monitor?

By | August 7, 2023

About The Article:

  • Sceptre monitors allow switching between different video inputs like HDMI, VGA, etc.
  • The article explains how to access the Sceptre OSD menu using the buttons underneath or remote control.
  • It provides step-by-step instructions to change input source to HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA as needed.
  • Tips are given for quickly selecting the correct input for gaming consoles, laptops or PCs.

Written By – Manvendra Singh Manvendra Singh

If you have a Sceptre monitor and want to switch between different input sources like HDMI, VGA, etc.

Changing the input is easy to do directly on the monitor.

This simple guide walks you through the steps to change the input on your Sceptre display.

Quick Answer:

Press the “Source” or “Input” button on the Sceptre monitor or its remote control to cycle through available input options.

How To Change Input On Sceptre Monitor?

What You Need

  • A Sceptre monitor
  • Devices connected to the monitor via input cables like HDMI, VGA, etc.

Steps to Change Input Source

1. Locate the Input Button

The input button is typically located on the bottom right of the monitor’s front bezel.

It may be labelled “Input” or have a label like HDMI1, HDMI2, VGA, etc.

On some models, the input button is on the rear panel instead.

2. Press the Input Button

Press the input button to bring up the input select menu. This will display the different inputs available on your Sceptre monitor.

3. Select Desired Input

Use the monitor’s controls to highlight the input you want to switch to. This is typically done by using the down/up buttons.

Once the desired input is highlighted, press the input button again to confirm the selection.

The monitor will now switch to the selected input source.

4. Change Input on the Connected Device

For the input change to work, ensure the connected device, like your laptop, is outputting video to the same source.

For example, if you changed the monitor input to HDMI1, set your laptop to transmit video over HDMI.


  • If the display shows “No Signal” after changing inputs, check the video cables to ensure they are securely inserted.
  • To quickly toggle between two inputs, press the input button twice instead of navigating the menu.
  • Check your device’s display settings if the monitor isn’t detecting the input source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Why is there no sound when I switch inputs?

Ans: Sound output may be disabled for that particular input source. Make sure audio output is enabled on your connected device.

Ques 2: How do I reset the input source to default?

Ans: Press and hold the input button for 5-10 seconds to reset the input source to the factory default, typically HDMI.

Ques 3: How many input sources can I connect?

Ans: Most Sceptre monitors support 2-3 inputs.

Refer to your display’s specifications to find the number of HDMI, VGA, and other ports it has.

Ques 4: Can I rename the input labels?

Ans: Unfortunately, you cannot rename or customize the input labels on Sceptre monitors. The input names are fixed.

Ques 5: The monitor isn’t detecting the newly connected device.

Ans: Try disconnecting and reconnecting the video cable, or turn the monitor and the connected device off and back on.

Also, update drivers if available.


Changing the input source on your Sceptre monitor is very simple once you know where the input button is located.

Switching inputs allows you to change between various devices connected to your display quickly.

Ensure cables are correctly connected, and input signals are matched between the monitor and source device.

Refer to the monitor’s OSD menu and your device settings to troubleshoot if needed.

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