What Is IPS Glow & Ways To Reduce It (Guide)

The technology world can sometimes be a little complicated. But fear not because we’re here to break it down!

Today, we will discuss a common term in the monitor – IPS Glow.

So, sit tight, and by the end of this article, you’ll be a pro at understanding IPS Glow and how to reduce it.

What is IPS Glow?

IPS is a type of LED (a panel technology) that offers better colour and viewing angles than many other displays.

The “glow” we’re talking about isn’t exactly a feature but more of a drawback.

IPS Glow is a light glow seen around the edges or corners of an IPS monitor.

Why Does IPS Glow Happen?

IPS Glow happens because the light passes through the panel in an IPS monitor.

It usually appears when the screen displays darker images and the viewing angle is extreme.

This glow is especially noticeable in a dark room, and the effect may seem like the monitor’s corners are lighter than the rest of the screen.

How to Detect IPS Glow?

To check if your monitor suffers from IPS Glow, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your room is as dark as possible.
  2. Display a black image or dark screen on your monitor.
  3. Stand directly in front of the monitor, then slowly move to the side, looking at the corners.

If you notice a brightening effect around the corners or edges as you move, that’s the IPS Glow.

How to Reduce IPS Glow?

While IPS Glow is a by-product of the technology itself, there are some measures you can take to reduce its effect:

1. Adjust Your Viewing Angle

The simplest way to reduce IPS Glow is to adjust your viewing angle. Sit directly in front of your monitor and maintain an optimal distance.

2. Control the Room Lighting

Another effective method to reduce IPS Glow is by controlling your room lighting.

Adding ambient or a bias light behind the monitor can significantly decrease the perceived glow.

3. Lower the Brightness

Excessively high brightness levels can exaggerate IPS Glow. Lowering the brightness of your monitor can help minimize it.

4. Correct Monitor Height

Ensure that your monitor is at eye level. If it’s too high or low, it can increase the chances of noticing IPS Glow.

Remember, IPS Glow is a common trait of IPS monitors, and a certain level of glow is average.

It might be a defect if it’s excessively high, and you should consider returning the monitor.


Ques 1: Is IPS Glow a defect?

Ans: IPS Glow is not a defect but an inherent characteristic of IPS monitors. However, excessive IPS Glow might indicate a manufacturing defect.

Ques 2: Can IPS Glow be eliminated?

Ans: IPS Glow can’t be eliminated as it’s part of the technology. However, its impact can be minimized using the tips mentioned above.

Ques 3: Is IPS Glow different from backlight bleeding?

Ans: Yes, they are different. Backlight bleeding refers to light leakage from the edges or corners of the monitor, while IPS Glow is a soft glow that changes its intensity when viewed from different angles.


IPS Glow might be a little bothersome, especially for those who work in dark rooms or play dark-themed video games.

However, following the tips we’ve discussed can significantly reduce its impact and improve your viewing experience.

And remember, a little IPS Glow is perfectly normal.

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