What Is Monitor Stuttering & How To Fix It?

About The Article:

  • Monitor stuttering refers to jerky, jittery visuals instead of smooth motion.
  • It covers what causes monitor stuttering issues and symptoms like choppy video playback.
  • Solutions are provided to fix monitor stutter like upgrading GPU drivers, using Vsync, changing refresh rate.
  • Tips are also given to adjust in-game settings, video players, and cables to stop monitor stutter.

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Have you ever been playing your favourite video game or watching an exciting movie, and suddenly, the monitor starts acting strange?

It starts flickering or freezing momentarily, making everything look jumpy and weird.

That’s what we call monitor stuttering.

Let me tell you; it can be annoying!

In this article, we will explore the world of monitor stuttering and find out what it’s all about.

Quick Answer:

Monitor stuttering refers to the irregularities in screen display due to refresh rate mismatches or graphics card issues. It can be fixed by adjusting the monitor’s refresh rate, updating graphics drivers, or using V-Sync in game settings.

What Is Monitor Stuttering & How To Fix It?

What is Monitor Stuttering?

Monitor stuttering or screen stutter, is when your computer’s display interrupts the smooth flow of video or gaming graphics. 

Instead of moving continuously and fluidly, your on-screen images might appear to skip or stutter.

This can be very distracting and hinder your enjoyment or productivity on your PC.

What is Monitor Stuttering

Causes of Monitor Stuttering

1. Incompatible Refresh Rate and Frame Rate

Your PC’s monitor refresh rate and the graphics card’s frame rate should be synchronized. 

The refresh rate is the number of times your monitor updates with new images each second, while the frame rate is the number of frames your graphics card can render simultaneously.

If these don’t match, you might experience monitor stuttering.

2. Overloaded Graphics Card

If you’re running a graphically intense program or game that your graphics card can’t handle, you could experience stuttering.

Graphics Card

3. Outdated or Incorrect Drivers

Outdated or incompatible graphics card drivers can also lead to monitor stuttering.

Always use the most recent and compatible drivers for your graphics card.

How to Fix Monitor Stuttering

1. Adjust the Refresh Rate and Frame Rate

One way to fix stuttering is to synchronize the refresh rate of your monitor with the frame rate of your graphics card.

This is a technique known as Adaptive Sync.

2. Upgrade Your Graphics Card

Consider an upgrade if your graphics card needs to be more powerful to handle your daily tasks.

A more powerful graphics card will run more intense graphical programs without causing stuttering.

3. Update Your Drivers

Always ensure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card. You can find these on the manufacturer’s website.


Ques 1: What is V-Sync?

Ans: V-Sync technology synchronizes a game’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate.

When V-Sync is turned on, a frame rate cap is set to match the monitor’s refresh rate, reducing monitor stuttering.

Ques 2: Can a wrong HDMI cable cause monitor stuttering?

Ans: Yes, a faulty HDMI cable can cause stuttering.

If your cable is damaged or not correctly connected, it could interrupt data transmission, resulting in stuttering.

Ques 3: Can monitor stuttering harm my computer?

Ans: Monitor stuttering itself won’t harm your computer.

However, it might indicate an underlying issue, such as an overloaded graphics card, which can lead to further problems if not addressed.


Monitor stuttering can be frustrating, but it’s usually solvable with a few steps.

Understanding the cause of the stuttering and taking appropriate action can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience on your PC.

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